The Mission

It's very common for a high quality product (with a lot of satisfied customers) has little to no online positive reviews. Strangely, that product may have many online negative reviews! Because human has a tendency to complain more than to complement. Not to mention if your competitors writing bad reviews for you!

With EternalReview we are aiding you in your journey building a great product by encouraging your customers to write you reviews! Let the best product wins!

The Founder

ganis zulfa santoso
Ganis Santoso
Founder and CEO

Hey there 👋 My name is Ganis.

Like many people, when I'm buying something I browse reviews around the internet to look for the best product to buy. In many industries, it's difficult to really know what's really the best because the market is highly polluted with paid positive reviews. And some rich and unethical companies may write bad reviews for competitors. So it's not the best product who wins ☹️ , but the one that has the most marketing budget! It has to change.

I currently live in South Korea. So probably my waking up time will be different than yours. But worry not, I will reply your email or chat ASAP. I'm fairly active in twitter and instagram, so let's hook up there too. Bye for now! Peace ✌️!