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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EternalReview?

EternalReview is a platform to increase product's reputation by encouraging customers to write reviews directly to popular websites.

What is tracked customer?

A tracked customer is a customer who is using your product. If the customer has written a review for your product in previous months, it won't be counted.

I have more than 1,000 registered customers, can I still use starter plan?

Yes, but our widget will be only shown to the first 1,000 tracked customers.

What do I get with free trial?

You get free trial of any plan that you want for 14 days.

What payment services do you support?

We accept all major credit cards and paypal.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelling your plan comes into effect the following month.

Can I get refund?

Yes, we come with 30-day money back guarantee.

What if I want to change plans?

It's quick and easy to switch between our different pricing plans from your dashboard.

How long are your contracts?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.

Other questions? We're always available at